Armagh Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Armagh Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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As financial consultant and free investment is responsible, entrepreneurial and intellectual, art advisory (works of art and investment) protection of personal assets, giving valuable advice to management (insurance, financial, retirement, estate, tax) and investment for both small and large investors taking care of any aspect tax, corporate, industrial, real estate, retirement, and also providing a valuable service expertise in finance, tax, accounting, corporate and business to institutions and companies for their control and that the ordinary extraordinary (mergers, conversions, acquisitions, operations, markets etc. ).

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The financial advice is designed as a total management of the assets, which also extends to legal, tax, inheritance, protection. A complete idea of asset management across a global organization much appreciated by clients of the firm who are working with a single person.

As for the domestic and foreign customers is followed in Tax Consulting (domestic and foreign) direct and indirect and consultancy Corporate (Constitution and foreign companies, contracts, deeds, etc. ..) handling, customs and compliance to institutions and public administration in general (Licenses, of engaging, declarations, petitions, assistance at offices, tax planning, etc. ..).

The law firm offers its experience in the area of Civil Law, both in profile and in the court proceedings. It has acquired extensive experience in the area of insurance law, the law of immigration, labour law and on contracts.