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Amsterdam, Netherlands drug crime lawyer attorneys

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The court will issue a decree providing, if required, the constraint for a spouse to give a check to the other.

Moreover, the court shall take the necessary punishment for the children and determining the extent to which the noncustodial spouse contributes to the custody of the children and the relationship with it.

The home of the family, preferably, will go to the parent to whom are entrusted the children or adult children who live together. The Assignment of the house, when transcribed, is opposable to the third buyer in accordance with Article 1599 of the Civil Code.

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What is the difference between divorce and marriage annulment?

The cancellation is explicate when the marriage was never valid from the origin; divorce is the dissolution of a marriage already invalid.

Which courts have jurisdiction to decide the order of civil or religious marriages? As for marriages in a civil ceremony or religious ritual than the Catholic, is suitable for the Civil Court, while the marriages celebrated in the Church and copied in the records of state Civil, have both the competent ecclesiastical and civil tribunal.

The causes that determine the end of the civil marriage or of the concordat are equal?

No. What are the causes that make a marriage invalid under the Civil Code?

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