Aberdeen Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Aberdeen Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The firm has an excellent expertise in the field of competition both domestically and at EU level. The firm focused on the treatment of many cases of abuse of dominant position, agreements/cartels and mergers. On numerous occasions, our professionals have dealt with the subject of liberalization and economic sectors in the IT sector (in particular the production, trade and use of software) infrastructure.

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As regards support in MA and privatization, as well as corporate matters, the firm places a major emphasis on prevention and resolution of situations actually or potentially distorting competition. The firm also provides support during all phases of the MA and any other corporate transaction.

This implies that the study provides contract and tort liability. Compilation of contracts with a strong aptitude to develop flexible plans tailored to specific customer needs. Around this series revolves around the transport sector, and by freight carriers, shipping companies and airlines, under the same insurance companies, all called upon to their responsibilities.

Therefore, the manual transport of AN shows a great way to expose the many problems that appear in this area. There are many events and many judgments that are reported in the text, written with the work of transporters and insurers, indirectly authors, which may be considered in this context.